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Raw Organic Hemp Rolling Papers King Size Slim Box of 50

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Raw Organic Hemp Rolling Papers


RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers offer a premium smoking experience with a commitment to sustainability. Crafted from organically grown unbleached hemp, these papers are processed in an eco-friendly manner, resulting in a very thin, light tan paper that burns exceptionally slow and clean.

Similar to RAW Classic, RAW Organic papers feature the proprietary crisscross watermark to prevent runs and ensure an even burn. However, the color is much lighter and varies depending on the shade of hemp used during production, adding to the uniqueness of each pack.

What truly sets RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers apart is their unparalleled taste. The smoke is clean, natural, and pure, elevating your smoking experience to a whole new level.

Convenience and value are paramount, with each pack containing 32 papers, and every box containing 50 packs. This ensures an ample supply for your smoking needs, whether for personal use or sharing with friends.

Embrace the natural essence of RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers and indulge in an eco-friendly and extraordinary smoking delight. Experience the purity of unbleached hemp and slow-burning perfection with every roll. Elevate your smoking rituals with RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers - the choice of nature-conscious connoisseurs.

Key Details:

  • RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers
  • Made from organically grown unbleached hemp
  • Eco-friendly processing for extra slow and clean burning
  • Features the same crisscross watermark as RAW Classic, with a lighter color
  • Clean, natural, and pure taste; each pack contains 32 papers, and each box contains 50 packs for convenience and value.