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Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan Pre Rolled Purple Cones 1 1/4 Size Box of 21 Packs

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                 Blazy Susan Pre - Rolled Purple Cones 1 1/4

Introducing Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Purple Cones 1 1/4, the epitome of convenience, quality, and pure enjoyment. Each pack is thoughtfully designed to contain six exquisite 1 1/4 cones, meticulously rolled for a seamless smoking experience. With 21 packs securely nestled in each box, indulge in a total of 126 pre-rolled cones, ensuring you have an ample supply of smoking companions.

Experience the ultimate convenience with these pre-rolled cones that save you time and effort. Simply fill them with your preferred herb, and you're ready to enjoy a slow-burning, smooth session. These super-thin cones ensure an even burn, guaranteeing you a consistently pleasurable smoke every time.

Blazy Susan takes pride in crafting these cones with the highest standards of eco-friendliness. The alluring purple hue of the cones is derived from natural dye, making them not only visually appealing but also safe for your smoking pleasure. Furthermore, these GMO-free cones are responsibly manufactured in France, using the finest wood pulp available.

Indulge in the exquisite blend of convenience and craftsmanship that Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Purple Cones 1 1/4 offer. Whether you're an experienced smoker or new to pre-rolled cones, these versatile and enjoyable companions will quickly become a staple in your smoking kit.

Savor the pure essence of your chosen herbs without any compromise on flavor or quality. Let Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Purple Cones 1 1/4 elevate your smoking ritual to a new level of satisfaction. Unwind, share, or reflect with these delightful cones, and experience a harmonious fusion of convenience, eco-consciousness, and pure enjoyment.

Key Details:

  • Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Purple Cones 1 1/4
  • Each pack contains six 1 1/4 cones
  • Each box contains 21 packs, totaling 126 cones
  • Super thin, slow-burning cones for a smooth smoking experience
  • Made in France from the finest wood pulp, GMO-free, and dyed with natural colors.