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Lookah Seahorse 510 Connect Ceramic Coils 5pc

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                                 510 Connect Ceramic Coils


Introducing Lookah Seahorse 510 Connect Ceramic Coils - 5pc, featuring the innovative Lookah Seahorse Coil-Ⅱ design with double ceramic coils at the tip. These coils prioritize heat control, providing a fast heat-up time and excellent heat retention for quick and efficient dabbing.

Compared to the Lookah Seahorse Quartz Coil-Ⅰ, known for its superior taste, the ceramic coil system focuses on optimizing heat management. Simply set your desired voltage, place a small amount of wax or concentrate on the tip, and gently press the tip against the concentrate for seamless operation.

As the best wax pen coils of 2020, all Lookah Seahorse Coils feature 510 thread cartridges, ensuring easy replacement and compatibility with all Lookah Seahorse series products.

The Lookah Seahorse Coil-Ⅱ ceramic tip coils boast a 1.2 Ω resistance and come in a pack of 5 coils, ensuring you have an ample supply for prolonged use.

To maximize the lifespan of the quartz tip, it's essential to burn off all concentrates after each dab to prevent hardening and premature coil wear. Avoid cleaning the quartz or ceramic tip with a brush, as this may damage the tip.

Furthermore, refrain from dipping the coils directly into the concentrate, as it can oversaturate the coil, clog it, and decrease vaporization efficiency. Instead, gently touch the edge of the tip to the concentrates for optimal performance.

Elevate your dabbing experience with Lookah Seahorse 510 Connect Ceramic Coils - 5pc. Embrace the advanced ceramic coil technology, precise heat control, and effortless compatibility for an unmatched vaping journey. Upgrade your Lookah Seahorse Pro Vape Pen with these top-of-the-line ceramic coils and indulge in superior taste and convenience.

Key Details:

  • Lookah Seahorse 510 Connect Ceramic Coils - 5pc
  • New design with double ceramic coils at the tip
  • Prioritizes heat control for fast heat-up and retention
  • Compatible with all Lookah Seahorse series products
  • Pack contains 5 coils, each with 1.2 Ω resistance