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Raw Classic Pre Rolled Cones King Size Box of 32 Packs

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Raw Classic Pre Rolled King Size Cones
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                              Raw Classic King Size Cones

Introducing the RAW Classic Pre-Rolled King Size Cones, the epitome of convenience for discerning smokers. Each pack contains 3 pre-rolled king size cones, made with the same unbleached and natural rolling paper that RAW is known for. Simply stuff these cones to enjoy a king-sized, funnel-shaped smoke with a paper tip already inserted.

The packaging, made from recycled paper, includes 3 pre-rolled cones and a tamper to assist with stuffing. No need for a cone rolling machine – these pre-rolled king size cones offer the perfect cone-shaped smoke effortlessly.

With 3 cones per pack and 32 packs per box, you get a total of 96 RAW Classic Pre-Rolled King Size Cones, ensuring you have an abundant supply for your smoking sessions.

Crafted from natural and unrefined materials, these cones burn smoothly, providing you with an authentic smoking experience. The natural glue used in these cones ensures a clean and reliable seal.

Experience the ease and quality of RAW Classic Pre-Rolled King Size Cones. Elevate your smoking rituals with these premium cones, designed to save time and effort while delivering an exceptional smoking experience. Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-fill cones with the same trusted RAW rolling paper. Explore the benefits of a king-sized smoke without the need for rolling – just stuff, light, and savor the moment.

Key Details:

  • RAW Classic Pre-Rolled King Size Cones
  • 3 cones per pack, 32 packs per box (96 cones in total)
  • Made with unbleached and natural rolling paper
  • Funnel-shaped smoke with paper tip already inserted