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Raw Classic Pre Rolled Cones 1 1/4 Box of 32 packs

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Raw Classic Pre Rolled Cones 1 1/4
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                    Raw Classic Pre Rolled Cones 1 1/4

Introducing RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones 1 1/4, the perfect choice for discerning smokers seeking a natural and premium smoking experience. Crafted with 100% GMO and chlorine-free materials, these cones offer a clean and pure smoke, ensuring you savor the true flavors of your herbs. The natural unbleached tip adds to the authenticity and smoothness of each draw, providing a genuine unrefined paper experience.

With a commitment to vegan-friendly production and being gluten-free, RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones cater to conscious consumers looking for sustainable options. Each cone is carefully designed with a criss-cross watermark to prevent runs and ensure a consistent and smooth burn.

Made in Spain, these pre-rolled cones are a product of quality craftsmanship, designed to elevate your smoking rituals. Each pack contains 6 cones, and with 32 packs neatly housed in one box, you can enjoy 192 beautifully rolled cones to accompany your smoking sessions.

Upgrade your smoking experience with RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones 1 1/4. Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-fill cones and the assurance of a genuinely unrefined product. Elevate your sessions with these natural and smooth-burning cones, and savor the pure essence of your favorite herbs. Indulge in the authenticity and purity of RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones, the preferred choice for connoisseurs who appreciate the art of smoking.

Key Details:

  • RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones 1 1/4
  • 100% GMO and chlorine-free materials
  • Natural unbleached tip for a clean smoke
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free product
  • Criss-cross watermark prevents runs, ensuring smooth burn
  • Made in Spain, 6 cones/pack, 32 packs/box, a total of 192 cones.